Books in Heinessight is Back!

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Watch the podcast on YouTube

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Matthew Heines
Wanted Podcaster at Large

Books in Heinessight is Back

Thank you to everyone who asked when I was going to do another Books in Heinessight broadcast. As most of you know, I really got into my Encounters USA podcast and left Books in Heinessight to linger unattended on the worldwide web. 

A lot of people continued to watch the interviews and subscribe as well as express interest in the show’s future. As I saw the interest in the shows, it always lingered in the back of my mind that people would miss the podcast if I stopped it completely.

Another deciding factor was going through the harrowing process of reformatting, editing and bringing my books up to 2020 industry standards. 

It was a nightmare of bad experience after bad experience. I want to share and compare those experiences with other independent authors. I hope to help people to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes and advice of others.

Stay tuned to the podcast and subscribe to the YouTube channel and welcome to the Books in Heinessight family! 

Thanks for stopping by.

Questions and Answers For Authors

Are you an author who wants to share your experiences in publishing or the experiences that led you to write your latest masterpiece? Books in Heinessight is looking for individuals who want to talk about their experiences, good and bad in the world of indie publishing. 

With six books of his own, author Matthew Heines knows a little about the publishing experience having first published My Year in Oman in 2005 and his latest, Heinessights: Wisdom for the Ages in 2019.

Books in Heinessight is the website and podcast for you if you want to learn more about making your literary endeavors a success.


Links to the Paranormal

As most fans and followers of the show know, I ‘left’ Books in Heinessight to start Encounters USA, where the topics were not books necessarily, but Aliens, Bigfoot and Dogman.

My lifelong interest in the paranormal motivated me to interview people such as Bob Gimlin who was with Roger Patterson at the first Bigfoot video filming, Paranormal lawyer Michael Hall and Bigfoot researchers and authors like Ron Morehead.

Last week we had legendary Bigfoot experiencer, researcher and author Tom Cantrell who came to talk about his new book Sasquatch Face to Face.

If you are into the paranormal and paranormal books and the amazing people who write them.

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